We can assist by customising fasteners to your specific requirements.


We can assist by customising fasteners to your specific requirements.

With most fasteners being imported in a standardised but limited range of diameters and lengths, you may be struggling to find exactly what you need – that’s where we fit in!


Consulting & Design

Our fastener experts will work with you to understand your exact requirements in terms of style, material and dimensions, and commission technical drawings and a prototype at no cost to you.

Once you are satisfied with your bespoke fastener, it will be added to our inventory system and we can then quote and order it for you in any quantity, with repeat orders if required.

Research and Development

We have invested heavily in Research and Development (R&D), allowing us to design, produce and test prototypes on site, or using one of our local suppliers as part of our drive to empower the SA fabrication industry and give back to our partner communities.

At the same time, we have realised that local fabrication is better suited to short-term production – due to cost constraints, we typically source internationally for longer-term requirements.

Order Quantity & Costs

We have a strategic joint venture with an experienced fabricator with 30 years’ experience. We are therefore able to design and manufacture less of an item, at a minimum order quantity as deemed viable, until we can import the item to increase volumes and contain costs.

Our years of experience mean that we may be able to suggest a workable alternative fastener from our existing stock that will do the job just as well, without the time delay and cost of fabrication.

Product Innovation

Every time we fabricate a new product, we further expand and diversify our range, and deepen our knowledge of customer requirements – all of which makes us even better at what we do. For example, the standard range of furniture screws available in South Africa used to consist of just five items. Working with our customers, we have increased this to some twenty different products (with differences in head appearance, length and diameter), all of which are now in constant demand.

We offer fabrication services across our customer base. The combination of our ability to spend the time with you to assist with your planning and R&D and our strategic manufacturing alliances mean that we have been able to significantly increase the range of fabricated items available. This in turn has helped our customers and end-user manufacturing clients to successfully launch multiple new products into the South African market.

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fastener fabrication johannesburg


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